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Do you have trains manufactured prior to World War II?

Would you like an appraisal of their value?


Do you want to sell your train?


1.  E-mail me with as much information you can.  Things important to determining value are a complete description including any numbers on the individual pieces. The manufacturer such as Lionel or Marx.  The colors , list body color, roof color, trim color etc.  The condition is critical in determining value so be accurate and don't over state the condition.  Things to look for are scratches and chips in the finish, fading, dents and rust, missing trim or other attached pieces, is the finish on the train the original factory finish or has it been repainted / restored.  Try to ask yourself, how close is the toy to the way it looked when it came out of the factory? Photos, do you have the means to send photos via e-mail?  If not can you take good quality, close up, color photos of each individual piece in the train  (several different angles is good, photograph the side of the car with the MOST wear) and snail mail them to me at the address listed in this site.


2.  If we come to terms on the sale of your trains, we will need to arrange shipping your items to me.  UPS or similar insured carrier is best.  We will A. Agree on a price.  B. You will need to ship the items to me at Classic Collectables C. I will inspect the items and send money order immediately.  If for some reason after inspecting the items, I feel I cannot purchase them for the agreed upon price (because of poor descriptions,  photos, or other communication breakdowns)  I will ship the items back to you at my expense.  We will do everything in our power to prevent this situation from occurring.


3.  Sometimes it takes a little determination to begin on an unknown adventure.  I will endeavor to accurately and fairly appraise your items and to offer you a reasonable price for them.  Remember, for your trains to be of interest to me or anyone planning to resell them some margin must be left to make a profit (though not a large one) in reselling them.  This discount is your cost for the service of taking your items off your hands in one smooth, hassle-free transaction and eliminating the need for  you to market them to the ultimate consumer yourself.  If you do not have knowledge of the toy markets or where to get the best prices etc. you may actually do better financially in processing the transaction through me.


4. E-mail me or give me a call, I think once we get to know each other you will feel confident in proceeding.  If I feel I cannot do justice to you and your items because they are not within my circle of interest or expertise, I will make every attempt to assist you in finding someone who can assist you.

So! please contact me, you may be surprised what your old trains or toys may worth!



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