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LIONEL 263E, 263W, 810, 812, 3859, 817 FREIGHT SET

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LIONEL 263E, 263W, 810, 812, 3859, 817.  Original.  The set consists of a gunmetal gray 263E with 263W oil tender, a green gondola, yellow and red crane, red automatic dump car and red caboose.  The engine runs fine forward and reverse.  The whistle spools up to speed but no tone, probably a leaking gasket on the air chamber.  The tender has been opened in the past.  One front pilot wheel on the loco is chipped.  The automatic dump car worked when tested and the crane's gears for operating the boom, the hook and rotating the cab all work.  The track clip under the frame is present.

SET GRADES C-7             PRICE: SOLD

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