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LIONEL 265E, 265W, 600, 601, 602 BLUE & SILVER PASSENGER SET # 274W.  Original.  A scarce one year only set from1935, called the Commodore Vanderbilt in the catalog.   There are several unique features about this set.  Only in 1935 did the 265E have thick rim drive wheels, no firebox doors molded into the interior of the engineers cab and no weight in the steam chest.  Beginning in 1936 and in subsequent years the engine had thin rim drive wheels,  fire box doors molded in the cab and a weight in the steam chest to improve traction.  The cars done in blue with silver roofs, although produced in other years, were only offered in this color in 1935.

The engine has been bench tested, runs forward and reverse and the headlight works.  I can get the whistle motor to run but it produces no sound.  The die cast cab is original and solid, very unusual to find on these engines today.  Impurities in the original casting material cause most of these cabs to deteriorate and break on their own over time.  The engine has the brass "L" logo plate on the front which is correct for this set.   The cars are complete all with nickel trim and journals.


GRADES C-7                        PRICE  $1550.00

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