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IVES BOXED SET # 1614X.  257 loco, 257T four wheel tender, 610X, 610X, 612X passenger cars, 1887 transformer, all in original yellow & blue Ives boxes.  circa1932.  A clean, high quality set in very nice original finish. 

This set consists of Lionel production items all with the Ives name on them.  These sets were sold under the Ives name during the Ives bankruptcy.  By this time in the Ives bankruptcy process Lionel had control of Ives.  To keep the Ives line of toy trains in the market place at the least expense to Lionel they used existing Lionel stock re-branded as Ives.  The quantity of these oddball sets that were sold was naturally very limited, making them scarce today.  This set is in particularly nice condition with individual boxes and the set box, making it all that much scarcer.

The set is headed by a # 257 loco and 257T tender.  The engine and tender have Ives plates on the sides, the engine has the Ives pickup plate on the motor.  The cars, 610X coach, 610X coach and 612X observation are done in olive green with Ives decals above the windows and Ives oil labels on the bottom of each car.  Included is the hard to come by Ives 1887 transformer.  Everything in this set comes in the scarce transitional yellow and blue Ives boxes plus the original Ives set box.

The engine has been bench tested and runs.  The manual reverse unit with the lever in the engineers cab works properly.  The yellow and blue Ives boxes were made from a type of cardboard that was fragile and just did not hold up well over the years.  With that said, the individual boxes have repairs but are mostly correct and complete.  The set box is solid with one corner on the top neatly repaired.


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