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LIONEL 226E, 2226W, 2615, 2613, 2614

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LIONEL 226E, 2226W, 2615, 2613, 2614 STATE GREEN. Original.  The engine and tender have a nice original matte patina which, as usual in photographs, does not show up well.  Bench tested, it runs fine, reverses and the whistle works as do the headlight and firebox light.  The tender appears to have been rewired.  Nice state green passenger cars, late long wheelbase cars with black journals. The lights appear to have been rewired.  One of the more desirable sets from the prewar  period. The set has some light playwear, mainly on the roofs,  but remember, the flash pictures do over emphasize this, the set looks nicer in hand.   A nice set.


SET GRADES C-6                            PRICE: $1495.00

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