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LIONEL SET # 187WX. DEPARTMENT STORE SPECIAL FOR SEARS ROEBUCK.  SET # 59-79F.  Original. The set consists of a black 238 streamline Pennsylvania torpedo loco with 2225W  whistle tender followed by 2653 black hopper car, 2654 orange Shell tank car, 2655 cream box car with brown roof and door glides and 2657 red caboose with tuscan roof. 

The engine runs and reverses smoothly, the light works and the whistle works with a nice tone.  The loco is missing one pick-up roller. 

The individual boxes have all their end flaps and most interior flaps.  The boxes are nice but do have some repairs, mainly to reinforce fold points on the flaps (mostly done without the use of tape).  Included are one box of connecting ties, the box only for a RSC remote control track and the box only with liner for the 167 whistle controller.  The set box has all flaps attached with the label fully in tact. 

This set is unusual in several ways.  First, the black 238 loco and tender were only used in uncataloged sets. This set never appeared in the Lionel or the Sears catalog.  The Shell tank car has nickel plates while the other cars are rubber stamped, which is correct for this set.  The cataloged version of this set that was sold by Lionel had a grey 238E loco and tender and was numbered 187W.  The Sears set used the Lionel number 187WX and 59-79F for the Sears inventory number, both of which are shown on the set box label.  The X in the set number represented the set had some difference(s) from normal cataloged Lionel production in Lionel's numbering system. 

A nice clean high quality collector quality set.

GRADES C-8                         PRICE SOLD


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