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This is one page of many on this site devoted to identifying old toy boats


These images have been gathered from many sources over a long period of time. To the best of my knowledge none of these images are copyrighted and all are in the public domain. If any are not, please contact and it will be removed.

Also there is no warranty as to the accuracy of any information listed. It is the information that was available at the time the picture was saved. If you have information to add, or to correct an error, please contact me. If you have photos or other historical information about old tin clockwork boats that you would like to share please email the information to me and I'll include it.

I do NOT own these boats and these toy boats are NOT available for sale.

The information provided is for historical reference, identification and educational purposes only.


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ABOVE: Staudt River Boat 16"

aLindstrom.jpg (58056 bytes)

Above - Lindstrom

aLibertania28inchwoodandLitho.jpg (15136 bytes)

Above - Libertania 28 inch wood and litho, maker unknown

aLibertySold2008for2750dollars27inch.jpg (30662 bytes)

ABOVE: Liberty, ?maker?   Libertania,  27 inch.

aWolverine13inchSub.jpg (8543 bytes)

Wolverine 13 inch Sub

aBoucher2CylinderDolphinLiveSteam1.jpg (27389 bytes)

aBoucher2CylinderDolphinLiveSteam2.jpg (32456 bytes)


aBoucher36inchLiveSteam1.jpg (97157 bytes)

aBoucher36inchLiveSteam2.jpg (96073 bytes)

aBoucher36inchLiveSteam3.jpg (148602 bytes)

aBoucher36inchLiveSteam4.jpg (91591 bytes)


36" toy boat made by H. E. Boucher, Inc., Madison Avenue, New
York.  The manufacturing label is on the stern and also on the boiler. 
The boat is wood construction, has a live steam engine complete with original
pressure pump.The boat has a screw down rudder to set the course.
Believed to be circa 1920.

aDent20inchCastIronBattleship.jpg (92908 bytes)

Above, Dent 20" Cast Iron Battleship

aUebelacker32inchRiver BoatWindupcirca1890.jpg (22594 bytes)

Above -  Uebelacker 32" River Boat c.1890??


aOrkinCabinCruiser.jpg (54741 bytes)

aOrkinCabinCruiser2.jpg (49576 bytes)

ABOVE:  ORKIN PROTOTYPE CABIN CRUISER. 32 Inch length instead of 33 inch, 2 inches wider,

different cabin doors than production model, clockwork mechanism. c. 1926-31, manufactured in Beverly Hills, Ca.

aOrkin32inchYacht.jpg (22695 bytes)


aOrkin22.5inch.jpg (13869 bytes)

ABOVE: ORKIN. 22.5 inch

aOrkin22inchRunabout.jpg (133331 bytes)


aOrkinB2Battleship1.jpg (23051 bytes)

aOrkinB2Battleship2.jpg (52049 bytes)

aOrkinB2Battleship3.jpg (22168 bytes)

aOrkinB2Battleship4.jpg (25504 bytes)

aOrkinB2Battleship5.jpg (32375 bytes)

aOrkinB2Battleship6.jpg (32626 bytes)

aOrkinB2Battleship7.jpg (28832 bytes)

ABOVE: The owner of the Orkin Battleship shown above has offered to respond to any questions about the boat.
He may be reached at:

ABOVE  PHOTOS: ORKIN B2 BATTLESHIP. 37 1/2 inches.  There is no motor but a large horn made by Racon of New York. The horn has two round prongs possibly for European power or a transformer??? Certainly an unusual interior for a toy boat. It looks as if the horn were made for the boat and installed before the braces for  the deck were welded into the hull.

Additional information is needed on this boat. If you can supply any information about the above boat please contact me.

The following information has been supplied by a reader. Thank You.

There were a few different versions of this B2 Battleship (Believed to have been named USS New York) that were available way back when in the early 1900's. The one on your page was  to be set on a mantle for display. It had no motor, just the horn. Another version of this Battleship had a clockwork motor that drove twin screws through a brass geared box. This version, is to me, the way to go. The run time in the water for this version is about 4 minutes of sluggish noisy mechanical sound.

Another reader says:

It looks to me like the horn in the B2 Battleship is a radio speaker from the 1920s.  Although I have specialized in 1920s radio speakers for many years, I have never heard of a radio horn speaker hidden in a boat, such as this.

Racon made speaker drivers for radios, and the photo of the Racon driver in this boat looks exactly like what was used in other radio speakers. The two wires should each have a small metal pin on the ends for plugging it into a 1920s radio. In the driver, the wires should connect to a coil made of very fine wire, and within the coil should be a metal plate that connects with a heavy wire to a diaphragm. If this is operational, touching a small 9-volt battery ( or maybe even a 1-1/2 volt D cell) to the two pins should activate the coil, causing it to move the metal plate slightly, causing the diaphragm to make a clicking sound that is amplified by the horn.

If it truly is a radio speaker, it would have been used with a radio made approximately 1922-1926. After 1926, horn speakers were pretty much a thing of the past, being replaced by speakers having paper cones. Radios made during this period required batteries to operate. The speaker was connected in series between the plate of the output tube and a B+ terminal on a battery, typically +90 volts D.C.


The Collectors guide to American Transportation Toys" by Joe and Sharon Freed, on page 323 describe a Orkin B-2 Battleship with a loudspeaker built in to it.

aOrkinNo74Revenue Cutter20.5long9tall5wide.jpg (25093 bytes)

aOrkinNo74Revenue Cutter20.5long9tall5wide2.jpg (33926 bytes)

aOrkinNo74Revenue Cutter20.5long9tall5wide3.jpg (32987 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkin 20.5 inch No. 74 Revenue Cutter.

aOrkinBattleshipPennsylvania29inch.jpg (27514 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkin Battleship Pennsylvania 29.5"

aOrkinClock.jpg (55841 bytes)

aOrkinClock2.jpg (58730 bytes)

ABOVE: A viewer sent these photos of his very interesting Orkin B-2 Battleship with a clock mounted in the hull. Like the Orkin above with a speaker mounted inside we wonder what the purpose was. Are these one of a kind items? Were they produced in quantity? Any information on these unusual items would be appreciated.

aOkincraftDoubleCockpitNamedTender28inch.jpg (9940 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkin, Double cockpit. Boat named Tender. 28"

aOrkinRevenueCutdter23inch.jpg (12657 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkin 23" Revenue Cutter

aOrkin34inchBattleship.jpg (13736 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkin 34" Battleship

aOrkincraftByCalwisInd28inch.jpg (11797 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkincraft 28"

aOrkincraftWaterTaxi30inch.jpg (13992 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkin 30" Water Taxi

aOrkin22inchRunaboutJoker.jpg (12587 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkin 22" Runabout "Joker"

aOrkin22inchRunabout2.jpg (10182 bytes)

ABOVE: Orkin 22" Runabout


The above Orkin cabin cruiser has surfaced having a live steam engine. 
Does anyone know if Orkin produced live steam powered boats.  
This motor could have been installed after the fact. 
We would like to determine if it could be original Orkin production or not.   Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

(Photos used with permission)

aStraightBoat1.jpg (56013 bytes)

aStraightBoat2.jpg (16061 bytes)

aStraightBoat3.jpg (14872 bytes)


This is a Strait boat made by Straits Toy Corporation, a small company in Detroit,

for the 1934 World Fair in Chicago.

It has a battery operated reciprocal motor.

Some recent information... A boat identical to the one pictured but with no cabin has been reported.  There is the same lip around the opening on the deck but no holes to attach a cabin.  On the bow of the example with no cabin there is a decal above the one shown above as follows.  "Sea Hawk" with a seagull flying over the water above that.

It is also reported that on a boxed example the second "s" in the spelling of the company name ... Straits Toy Corporation ... does not appear on the box.  It is not clear which spelling is correct or if both were used.

Any information on these boats would be appreciated.

aStraightBoat1a.jpg (56687 bytes)

aStraightBoat1aa.jpg (19464 bytes)

aStraightBoat2a.jpg (82577 bytes)

aStraightBoat2aa.jpg (21321 bytes)

aStraightBoat3a.jpg (16753 bytes)

aStraightBoat3aa.jpg (55789 bytes)

ABOVE: Additional photos kindly submitted by owner, thanks!

It has been reported that the red/dark green version is the 1933 version and it did not come with a cabin.
The tan/green version is the 1934 version and did have a cabin.

 cabin.aStraightBoat4.jpg (35931 bytes)

aStraightBoat5.jpg (41554 bytes)

aStraightBoat6.jpg (37480 bytes)

aStraightBoat7.jpg (36611 bytes)

ABOVE FOUR PHOTOS:   Another example of a Straits Toy Corp. toy boat,
18" No tabs for cabin, unusual motor, repainted in original colors described by the owner
red and green.
(Photos used with permission)

It has been reported that the red/dark green version is the 1933 version and it did not come with a cabin.
The tan/green version is the 1934 version and did have a cabin.


 cabin.aDiorama15inchWindup.jpg (37897 bytes)

ABOVE: 15" Tin windup diorama. The two large boats rock as four smaller boats

pass by in front as bell rings. c. 1930

aArnold14.5inchWindupLighthouseBoat.jpg (63876 bytes)


aRadiguetBattleship31InchLiveSteam.jpg (30774 bytes)

ABOVE: Radiguet 22 inch Battleship

Above: Radiguet Battleship 31 Inch Live Steam

aRadiguetZinkHallWoodDeckLiveSteamSold8K.jpg (31411 bytes)

ABOVE: Radiguet 21" Live Steam, Zinc Hull,Wood Deck

aRadiguetOceanliner19inchWoodDeckingTinCabinClockwork.jpg (27543 bytes)

RADIGUET: 19" Clockwork Ocean Liner, Wood decking, tin cabin.

a1901J&EStevensCastIronBank.jpg (41822 bytes)

Above : J & E Stevens Cast Iron Bank c. 1901

aKeystoneJacrim27inch1.jpg (23579 bytes)

aKeystoneJacrim27inch2.jpg (26680 bytes)

aKeystoneJacrim27inch3.jpg (35360 bytes)

aKeystoneJacrim27inch4.jpg (16930 bytes)


aJacrim26inch-1.jpg (17977 bytes)

aJacrim26inch-2.jpg (16002 bytes)

aJacrim26inch-5.jpg (22039 bytes)

aJacrim26inch-12.jpg (17268 bytes)

aJacrim26inch-10.jpg (31310 bytes)

aJacrim26inch-11.jpg (50385 bytes)

ABOVE SIX PHOTOS: Jacrim Mfg. Co. 26 inch (about 29" with rudder) speedboat
"Flying Yankee"  Model #73
A massive wood toy boat powered by an enormous wind up motor.
Original finish. Steering from wheel to rudder via string cables.


aKellner16inchWood.jpg (25328 bytes)


aKnapp1.jpg (35906 bytes)

aKnapp2.jpg (43834 bytes)

aKnapp3.jpg (33113 bytes)

aKnapp4.jpg (43380 bytes)

aKnapp5.jpg (32135 bytes)

Maker unknown. Any help in identifying this boat is appreciated.

Possibly made by Kanpp, Buckman ?? Or a very good model maker??
The boat is 20" long including rudder, 8" wide,  constructed of sheet brass the canopy was added later,
  battery powered by a Little Hustler motor made by Knapp. Should be pre 1914
as they added a starter switch to the motors that year.  Knapp made the first battery powered motors around 1900.
The boat requires a lot of ballast but the old batteries sold with the motors were two pounds.
(Photos used with permission.)

A reader, Paul Stimmler, graciously offered the following information about the above boat. Thanks Paul:

I have a boat very similar to it , also with a more recently fabricated scalloped replacement awning.
Restorer Joe Freeman of Tin Toy Works in Allentown
has identified mine as very early Orkin. Collector and book author Richard Claus
concurs with that identification.
Another collector / dealer thinks it's Fleischmann. I think the Orkin ID is compelling.

Another reader offered the following informatin: I am the owner of the brass boat with the little hustler motor in your misc. section. I think I have found out who made it and another one I got from the same place. The son of man who owned them told me they were made by a man named Coen who work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The new one named Margaret was given to his fathers sister, Mr. Coen had a thing for her, she in turn gave it to my friends father who passed away in 2005 at age 96. See photographs below of Margaret who was kept in a trunk in the basement so the sons would not find it and play with. He said both were made in mid 1920's. Margaret is 44" in length.


aMargaret44inch-1.jpg (40174 bytes)

aMargaret44inch-2.jpg (45734 bytes)

aMargaret44inch-3.jpg (68754 bytes)

aMargaret44inch-4.jpg (77275 bytes)

ABOVE: Hand crafted boat "Margaret"  See information above photos.

aU251.jpg (85010 bytes)

aU252.jpg (114511 bytes)

aU253.jpg (114601 bytes)

aU254.jpg (147677 bytes)

aU255.jpg (90627 bytes)

aU256.jpg (193626 bytes)

GIL, it is 22.5" long. Battery powered, on / off switch on deck just above the motor,
the battery holder appears to be for a single battery,
probably rectangular in shape, approx. .5 x 2.5 x 3.0 " ,
obviously not a standard size battery by today's standard.
The paper logo on the deck may be recognized by someone.

The following information on the U-25 (Above) was supplied courtesy of
Hans Hobert

I was going over the pictures on your web site and saw you were looking
for help on the U25 boat (last boat in the miscellaneous section), it's
made by a company called GIL, made in France around 1960, the company
is a well know French toy boat company and made several great toy boats,
most of the toy boats were made in the late 1950's to early 1970's
period, this one is a torpedo launcher boat, they made several different
models with U25 on it, the best looking boats they made are the
speedboats, of which one is 35,8 inches long.

There's a book out by 2 Frenchman called Arnaud Mering & Fabrice Mestrot
(one of them also organizes the famous Paris Toy Show), the book is
called 'Canots et Voiliers de nos bassins 1935 - 1970 (ISBN2-9519286-0-2).

This book is a great reference for speed boats and Sailing boats, never
seen the book for sale in a bookshop, only at toy shows in France and
Belgium and is not cheap at least 90$.

Anyway, now you know where the boat comes from and who made it, etc.

Hope this helps,
all the best,

aBliss42.5inchLithoPaperOverWoodcirca1880.jpg (32494 bytes)

ABOVE: BLISS 42.5" Litho Paper over wood c.1880

aJRDfrance20inch.jpg (55096 bytes)

ABOVE: JRD French? 20 inch.  1940's?

The following information was supplied by a viewer:

I wanted to give you some info on the JRD boat displayed with its jeep  on top of the box.

1950's toy, made by JRD a French toy maker. existed in 3 colors, red  
blue and green. it represent the "landing ship" used during the D day, in 1944. has a large wind up mechanism

On this toy, when going ashore, the front door is released, swinging 
down and becomes a ramp, and if the wind up mechanism of the jeep is 
wound, the jeep will exit the boat and "drive away".

aWeedenLiveSteam15inch1825dollars.jpg (27713 bytes)


aBuddyLtug28inchSold15500-1.jpg (21781 bytes)

aBuddyLtug28inchSold15500-2.jpg (81845 bytes)

aBuddyLtug28inchSold15500-3.jpg (58761 bytes)

ABOVE THREE PHOTOS: Buddy L Tugboat, 28" Scarce toy.

aStaudtGerman14inchBattleshipCirca1910Restored2.jpg (27046 bytes)

aStaudtGerman14inchBattleshipCirca1910Restored.jpg (20025 bytes)

ABOVE: Staudt German14inch Battleship Circa1910 Restored

aJouletGillFrance21inch.jpt.jpg (14722 bytes)

ABOVE: Joulet Gill. France. 21"

aReil&Co11inchC1902SearsCatalog1.jpg (56053 bytes)

aReil&Co11inchC1902SearsCatalog2.jpg (59642 bytes)

aReil&Co11inchC1902SearsCatalog3.jpg (60615 bytes)

aReil&Co11inchC1902SearsCatalog4.jpg (68755 bytes)

ABOVE FOUR PHOTOS: Reil & Co. Circa 1902. 11 inch. From the Sears Catalog

aReil&CoGermany207OceanLinerSold2009for1760dollars-1.jpg (18794 bytes)

ABOVE: Reil & Co. # 207 Oceanliner.


aLehmann672StVincent14.5inchWindUpFloorToyBattleship-1.jpg (26322 bytes)

aLehmann672StVincent14.5inchWindUpFloorToyBattleship-2.jpg (30064 bytes)

aLehmann672StVincent14.5inchWindUpFloorToyBattleship-3.jpg (20669 bytes)

aLehmann672StVincent14.5inchWindUpFloorToyBattleship-4.jpg (26894 bytes)

ABOVE FOUR PHOTOS: 14.5" Lehmann clockwork floor battleship.

aSchoenerSteamerAviso GreifCirca1900LiveSteam29inch.jpg (22544 bytes)

ABOVE: Schoener Steamer Aviso Greif. Circa1900 LiveSteam29inch

aHess1920GermanArmadaSold2010for635dollars3.jpg (35468 bytes)

aHess1920GermanArmadaSold2010for635dollars2.jpg (27087 bytes)

aHess1920GermanArmadaSold2010for635dollars-1.jpg (30697 bytes)

ABOVE: Hess German Armada c.1920.

aHessSailboat1Solc2010for400dollars.jpg (74715 bytes)

aHessSailboat2Solc2010for400dollars.jpg (71806 bytes)

ABOVE: Hess c.1925, flywheel motor, cardboard sails, 11 3/4" long, 11" tall, 2 1/4" wide.


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